“We love mineralogy, geology, rockhounding, paleontology, lapidary arts — anything related to rocks! We are dedicated to learning, exploring, sharing, and educating others so they can enjoy earth science as much as we do.”

Club Meetings

We meet the first Thursday of each month. We enjoy an educational presentation by a guest speaker and sharing finds with fellow rockhounds.

Field Trips

We go on several single day and multi-day field trips each year — surface hunting or digging.

Rock Shows

Our annual rock show is the first weekend in May. There are other rock shows in Montana and Wyoming too!

Past Events

Aug 6, 2023

Dinosaurs: TV vs Real Life

Have you watched Dinosaur Train on TV? The Land Before Time? Ice Age? Maybe Jurassic Park? How about recent dinosaur documentaries? Join UW–Madison paleontologist, Scott Hartman, for a behind-the-scenes look at how these projects are made, and how TV and movie dinosaurs often differ from our modern understanding of dinosaurs.

Presentation created with kids in mind — everyone welcome!

Presenter: Scott Hartman, PhD
Paleontologist, UW–Madison

Aug 5, 2023

A New Look at Old-Fashioned Dinosaurs

From 80-ton giants to small enough to stand on your hand, to whether they were good parents, how fast they grew, which ones weren’t scaly, and which ones were warm-blooded, join UW-Madison paleontologist Scott Hartman as we explore how the last 25 years of research and discovery have fundamentally altered our understanding of dinosaurs.

Presenter: Scott Hartman, PhD
Paleontologist, UW–Madison

Aug 5, 2023

Quartz Twins From the PC Mine

Quartz Twins and Other Minerals From the PC Mine in Jefferson County, Montana

Presenter: Pete Knudsen, PhD
Professor Emeritus Mining Engineering (Retired)
Montana Technological University


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